Shifts 4/18- 4/21 Average 4 to 5 calls. Heard multiple codes dropping but we didn’t get any of them. I think it was Tuesday we were detailed to the Radission and Comfort inn. Comfort being COIVD hotel for homeless. We were tasked by the county MD to get a census update on how many people […]

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1:30pm- Im at the tail end of my 3 day tour this week. The first day we had a code on a 44yo dude who didn’t make it. Asystole pretty much the whole time. A few possible COVIDS that day. Yesterday was relatively uneventful. Accept yesterday we were dispatched code 2 for cardiac arrest because […]

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09:30am- Should have written his while ago, just now had the time to sit down and give an update. My last tour was pretty busy. 4-5 calls per shift. Not all of them critical. But at least 1 COVID patient per shift. Sometimes more. Gateway Nursing home in Hayward had an outbreak. I remember taking […]

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8:15am- Theres so much to cover over the past 2 days. Its been so busy I haven’t been able to sit down and type. Saturday was ok. Still busy. I think we ran 4 or 5 calls both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a little rough. I feel like my partner got coughed on one […]

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02:30PM-  Ive started keeping a journal on here to document the Pandemic from an EMS point of view. There are 7 other entries prior to this but i dont feel comfortable sharing them yet. For now some of these will be public and some will not. Yesterday we had a code. The call was for […]

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7/19/19 Mt Saint Helena

Its been awhile since my last writing. I want to make an effort to do it more often. After every hiking, every activation, there are so many lessons learned. I really need to start #1 actually learning from said lessons and #1 writing them down so I don’t forget them. 2 years ago Hannah and […]

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  Template from KE6MT’s post. Most info is still relevant aside from one small change. https://www.ke6mt.us/2017/07/w6nc-174-wasno-ridge-kff-1161-henry-coe-state-park/ Activation Date: 29 June 2018 Transport: Hike/Bike Distance: 7 miles Elev. gain: 2000ft Time: 5 hours (4hrs hike/bike, 1hr op) Rig(s): IC-706MK2g Band(s): 20m CW Antenna(s): End-fed 29′ Random Wire (Packtenna Mini) Cell Service: No (Sprint)       […]

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SOTA summit: Loma Alta W6/NC-350 Activation Date: November 28, 2016 Distance: approx 4.5mi round trip.    Time: 1Hr 45min   Elevation gain: 1,188ft Portable operation: Yes Radio: IC-706MK2G Antenna: Packtenna Mini 29′  Bands used: 20m and 40m Furthest QSO: ~2,643mi with N1GB Hike in: Yes  Solo operation: Yes Recommend: Absolutely Sprint Coverage: Excellent, LTE full bars.         Parking: Limited, side road dirt parking.  Dogs: Yes                […]

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